On-going Funding Priority

The Joint Committee on Appropriations adopted new and increased 2020 and 2021 fiscal year revenue numbers. Gov. Noem anticipated in December the state budget would be tight as the state recovered from weather related catastrophes this past year, but since then revenue figures have come in higher than expected.

This means there are additional resources to fund providers and others various needs and wants in South Dakota. The additional revenue in fiscal year 2020 from the Governor’s budget was approximately $12.6 million and the additional fiscal year 2021 revenue was approximately $19.5 million.

One-time funding is defined as the increased fiscal year 2020 revenue (the additional $12.6 million).

On-going funding is defined as the increased fiscal year 2021 revenue (the additional $19.2 million).

Legislators have mentioned the need to find room in the budget to give increases to Medicaid providers, state employees, and education (the big 3).

It is very important to contact your local legislators to talk about funding; both one-time and on-going funding opportunities.

Obviously there is no guarantee that each of the big 3 will be funded equally or even equally within each category. Below is a chart showing an example of what an increase in ongoing funding of 1% means for the big 3.