Workplace Violence eLearning Training – TEAM

HSS Inc. is a recognized leader in healthcare safety and security as well as an Endorsed Business Partner of SDAHO Enterprises. HSS recently released a new version of the Techniques for Effective Aggression Management (TEAM) Essentials eLearning course. This engaging, market-leading one-hour course provides staff throughout your organization with cost-effective workplace violence training at the “awareness” level. HSS also offers more intensive TEAM courses in-person for staff in your high-risk areas.

Experience the improved TEAM Essentials program first-hand by clicking on the link below showcasing the pre-diagnostic assessment and Module One of the course. The course is Sharable Content Object Reference Model​ (SCORM) compliant and may be housed directly on your Learning Management System, offering you unlimited annual user access for your entire organization.

HSS Team Essentials – Demo (site)

If you have any questions or are interested in the new TEAM Essentials eLearning course, on-site instruction, or train-the-trainer, please contact:

Seth K. Karnes
Director. TEAM/ED-Safe ​

Over the last 50 years, HSS has gained expertise in physical and technology security, medical equipment management, emergency management, and targeted education and consulting. Whether it’s in health care, aviation, or other critical infrastructure, the firm has experience dealing with the most unexpected scenarios imaginable. Health care is the company’s heritage and it is proud to be the only security services provider founded by hospitals. HSS offers turnkey security solutions with a full array of value-added services that are innovative, cost effective and patient-focused for today’s most pressing health care security issues.

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