HHS Extends Deadline for Providers to Accept Terms and Conditions for Provider Relief Fund

The U.S. Department of Health and Human services (HHS) has extended the deadline until July 9 for providers to accept the terms and conditions and submit their revenue information in order to receive an additional payment from the Provider Relief Fund $50 billion General Distribution. Providers who received an additional General Distribution payment prior to April 24 must provide HHS with their annual revenues by submitting tax forms or financial statements. If providers wish to keep the funds, they must also agree to the program’s terms and conditions. Providers with cases pending before the department for adjudication in regard to eligibility for funding will not be impacted by the closure on July 9. The submission of tax forms or financial statements by providers will also serve as an application for additional funding for providers that have not already received an additional general distribution payment. If revenue information is not submitted by July 9 providers will no longer be eligible to receive additional funding. 

Providers have 90 days from the date they received the original payment to attest and accept the terms and conditions or return the funds received. If a provider does not accept the terms and conditions or return the funds after 90 days of receipt the provider will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.  

Additional information on the Provider Relief Fund can be found here