Moral Distress & Building Resiliency

Moral distress has become one of the leading causes for healthcare providers to leave hospitals, systems or even the profession itself. Which raises the question – how do we effectively address the concern and reduce the burnout that can occur as a result?

Research supports that mindfulness training can have significant positive impacts on job satisfaction, relationships with patients, co-workers and administration; as well as increased focus and creativity. Research also confirms millennia-old reports of mindfulness as a powerful promoter of personal and interpersonal health.

On Thursday, September 24, Dr. Carole South-Winter CNMT, RT, FAEIRS, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Health Services Administration in the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota, will present on mindfulness tools to help prevent burnout and moral distress.

Registration for this webinar is per facility (and includes multiple lines). The registration fee for this webinar is $149 per SDAHO member facility or $225 per non-member facility.

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