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Workplace Drug Testing Policy: Do’s & Don’t with Legal

With medical marijuana considered legal at the state level and remaining illegal under federal law, this legislation creates unique challenges for employers. From making initial hiring decisions to regulating its use in the workplace and making disciplinary decisions, South Dakota’s legalization of medical marijuana program is creating a lot of questions for healthcare employers.

SDAHO invites members to join Jo McGuire on Thursday, October 21 at 11am – 12:30pm CT, as Ms. McGuire describes the value a workplace drug and alcohol policy provides to the company as she takes the audience through each critical section of a basic policy, explaining why it matters, what questions they need to ask themselves, how they should use their policy to help create a culture of safety and what miss-steps to avoid as she shares stories of what challenges employers and managers face when things go very wrong.

Jo McGuire is an advocate, speaker and writer for safe and drug-free workplaces, families and communities. As the Executive Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association, Jo manages the national & international membership of those in the drug and alcohol testing industry with a heavy emphasis on employees assigned to safety-sensitive duties, best practices for a workplace drug testing program and quality training programs for those who perform drug collections. Jo was appointed as a member of the Taxation, Banking & Civil Law workgroup for the Colorado Governor’s Task Force to regulate Amendment 64 in Colorado due to her expertise and experience with policies for medical marijuana and the workplace.

This session is encouraged for HR professionals, safety and compliance, managers with direct oversight of employees, and employers who manage workplace drug testing. To register for this session, click here.

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