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Education Topics for July: Tough Conversations, Food Safety, & Patients as Healthcare Consumers

Exciting professional development opportunities can be found within SDAHO!  Check out the upcoming July educational opportunities presented by SDAHO.  Contact hours are available for nursing home administrators and social workers.

July 12 | 12pm CSTThe Patient as a Consumer:  How to Create Experiences Patients Actually Value, Presenter:  David Duncan, PhD, Innosight

Consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly influential, empowered, and demanding. The maxim “The consumer is boss” has become only more urgent as the digital revolution, social media, expanding choices, and 24/7 connectivity have empowered consumers and heightened their expectations. Healthcare is not immune to this trend, as healthcare systems, big tech companies, and new entrants compete to provide better experiences for patients and caregivers alike.

During this presentation, David Duncan will share techniques from his new book, The Secret Lives of Customers that people working in healthcare can use to take a consumer lens on the people they serve. This includes techniques for gaining new insight into their most important challenges and aspirations related to their health, and for finding innovative ways to help that consumers will value, including ways to make their healthcare experience even better.

July 19 | 11am CST | Food Safety HotlinePresenter:  Julie Halfpop

The importance of food safety and sound systems has been heightened given the pandemic relative to infection control and consumer confidence. During this session we will review relevant trends in senior living surveys and reinvigorate an interest and pride in food safety and sanitation programs.

July 21 | 11am CST | Having the Tough Conversations, Presenter, Rhonda Kemmis, Owner and Lead Trainer, Elite Leadership Consulting

July 26 | 11am CST | Data Analytics:  The Unexpected Hero of the Staffing Crisis, Presenter:  Real Time Medical Systems

During this presentation, we’ll highlight how accessing live data analytics can help prioritize care management and workload balance – allowing care teams to spend more time at the bedside instead of a desk. We will discuss techniques to standardize care delivery and documentation that require no additional work or data entry from nursing and agency staff. First-hand insights and best practices will be shared on the role that live clinical analysis can have on intervening early in care to reduce negativeoutcomes and break the cycle of readmissions. The session will also provide practical strategies to maintain survey preparedness, increase staff engagement, and improve Star ratings – all which help increase partner referrals.

July 27 | 12pm CST | Do you have Hitchhikers in your building?  Infection Prevention in the Long Term Care Setting, Presenter:  Cheri Fast

Approximately 4 million people reside in LTC facilities in the U.S. and this number is expected to increase as the Baby Boomers age. Infections in this population have high mortality and contaminated environmental surfaces is often a source. Bacteria hitchhike and latch on to surfaces and hands, so reducing this risk, must be part of the LTC Infection Prevention Control program. In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of having a proactive approach to infection prevention and the importance of having an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICAR) done, what is involved in an ICAR, and who should get an ICAR. We will discuss common infection control tags, and available resources to assist in your infection control program throughout your facility.

July 28 | 1pm CST | Connection at the Core of Resilience, Presenter:  Kristen Bingaman

Burnout rates have skyrocketed during this turbulent time in healthcare. Resilience programming has been shown to improve staff well being and retention, as well as improve patient safety and satisfaction. This four part series will allow practitioners a deeper understanding of burnout and the factors that influence it. In addition, each session will offer practical, evidence based strategies to build resilience that can be immediately implemented into work and life.

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20may11:00 am12:00 pmAddressing Public Misperceptions About Palliative Care

21may12:00 pm1:00 pmTrauma-Informed Care: Why It’s Important and How to Implement It into PracticeCAPC Webinar

21may12:00 pm1:00 pmFinance Fundamentals for Hospitals (Hospital Financial series Part 2)SDAHO Webinar

22may12:00 pm1:00 pmLTC Town Hall: Understanding Enhanced Barrier PrecautionsWebinar

23may12:00 pm1:30 pmInfection Prevention: Guiding Hospitals Toward Effective, Compliant, and Sustainable SolutionsSDAHO Webinar

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