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Dangerous Encounters – The Active Shooter Response

​Encountering an active shooter in your place of work is unlikely, but it never hurts to prepare for the unthinkable. According to Dr. Michael Victoroff, Risk Management Consultant from COPIC, the risk of death in a persons lifetime to an active shooter is 1 to 11,635,220.

An active shooter is an individual, or multiple individuals, actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined space or highly populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms and choose their victims at random with the objective of killing as many people as possible.

Active shooter situations can change quickly and unfold rapidly. In order to stop a shooter and minimize harm to a community, an immediate response by members of that community and deployment of law enforcement resources is critical.

In 2021, SDAHO hosted Dr. Michael Victoroff, who is a risk management consultant with COPIC and provides firearms and security training. During this presentation, Dr. Victoroff discussed the following:

  • Categorize violent encounters that healthcare providers and facilities should prepare for
  • Identify vulnerabilities and assets that determine the response to (and outcome of) a dangerous encounter
  • Review current concepts and guidelines for survival in active shooter and other low probability, high impact events
To review this presentation and learn more about how to respond in this unlikely situation, click here.

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