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Connecting Gen Z: How to Prepare for the New Healthcare Workforce

There are now 5 generations in the workplace and a major shift in the future of healthcare. Medical Solutions explores the importance of connecting through the upcoming change. As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce, we dive into their core values and positive traits that will shape the future of our total workforce. Effectively connecting Gen Z clinicians to the healthcare workforce and with other generations will enable them to have the most positive impact on patient care now and over the course of their careers. There are steps hospitals and health systems can take to leverage each of these values to help Gen Z connect and thrive in the new healthcare landscape.

How can your facility get ahead of the curve? Find out in our recently published white paper in Healthleaders, Connecting Gen Z: How to Prepare for the New Healthcare Workforce

Move with the Speed of Healthcare

Healthcare moves fast, but your workforce moves faster. That’s why you need a partner that’s quick and nimble and has the tools you need to help you tackle the unique challenges that come your way. Watch this video to learn more about the strategic offerings that are part of our healthcare talent ecosystem.

About Medical Solutions:
SDAHO Enterprises Endorsed Business Partner Medical Solutions connects care by staffing amazing facilities nationwide with skilled healthcare professionals. Since launching in 2001, Medical Solutions has aimed to provide service that inspires to Medical Solution’s interconnected family of travel nurses, travel allied health professionals, and client hospitals and facilities.

The SDAHO Enterprises Endorsed Business Partner program was established to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our member hospitals and long-term care facilities across the healthcare continuum. The business partners selected are expected to meet high-quality standards and offer products or services which are designed to assist healthcare facilities avoid costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, and develop staff resources.

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