340B: What’s So Special About Specialty Pharmacy

SUNRx will be hosting their next webinar November 7 at 1:00pm CST/12:00pm MST. This webinar on 340B is presented by Rachel Foster, Senior Pharmacy Network Manager; and John Bretz, Director Strategic Relations; from SUNRx. They will be sharing insights on how your organization can better position itself with 340B Specialty Pharmacy.

As the specialty pharmaceutical industry continues to see growth, there may be opportunities for significant savings to your Hospital’s 340B program. The need to optimize 340B savings is greater now than ever, especially considering the recent Manufacturer disruptions that have further eroded and complicated the 340B program. Special guest Optum will be providing valuable insights to optimize your 340B specialty strategy.

In this session, we will share valuable insights for consideration in developing your 340B specialty pharmacy strategy and will cover:

  • Why an entity should consider 340B Specialty Pharmacy relationships
  • The growth of specialty pharmacy and the opportunities for savings
  • Navigating the complexities of specialty pharmacy
  • How to get started


About SUNRx

SUNRx is a healthcare technology company that assists healthcare facilities with 340B administration, including split billing and 340B contract pharmacy network administration. Our technology helps facilities optimize their supply chain and pharmacy operations and we help simplify complex program administration for Covered Entities. Based in San Diego, CA SUNRx has been managing 340B programs since 2006. With SUNRx, you’ll receive industry-leading expertise and hands-on customer support. It’s 340B. Simplified. To learn more visit https://www.sunrx.com/who-we-are.

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