Registration Open for the 2024 SDAHO Nurse Leadership

Retaining South Dakota nurses is an important initiative for the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO). Nurse leaders, whether at the bedside or in nursing management, play a vital role in nurse retention by influencing the quality of work, the stability of the work environment and improved patient outcomes. SDAHO created the Nurse Leadership Program to help South Dakota hospitals and long-term care organizations support, retain and recruit nurse leaders. With the growing complexity of healthcare practice environments and pending nurse leader retirements, the development of future nurse leaders is increasingly important. 

The Nurse Leadership Program will feature South Dakota nurse leaders and other South Dakota healthcare industry experts leading sessions on communication skills, healthcare ethics and finance, nursing inquiry, legal aspects of human resources management, role of the South Dakota Board of Nursing, and more. The program is designed to give nurse leaders education that can be immediately applied to their current role.

The program will include lectures, discussion, reflection, independent project study, networking, and opportunities to interact with nurse leaders and other resource experts. 

Whether you are a current or emerging nurse leader, we hope you consider participating in this professional development opportunity to further grow in your nursing practice. 

We encourage you to learn more about the resources and education provided throughout this program by clicking here.

If you have specific questions, contact Debra Morello at