SDAHO RSS News Feeds

This page provides links to SDAHO’s RSS feeds and a brief tutorial on how to subscribe to our content.

What is RSS?

RSS iconRSS (an acronym for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) provides a standard across the web that allows content providers of all sizes to syndicate news stories, audio and video podcasts and other content to anyone who wants to subscribe. Once you add a “feed” to your web browser, RSS program or RSS app, the reader constantly monitors subscribed sites and informs users of any updates.

What software is needed

If you’re using the Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer web browsers, the functionality is built in and you can easily subscribe to SDAHO’s feeds. If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser, you’ll first have to install the RSS Feed Reader extension.

You can also use dedicated news reader/aggregator software such as Feedly or Digg Reader.

What SDAHO feeds are available?

We’ve broken down our available RSS news feeds into three tiers of complexity. Once you click on a feed you wish to subscribe to, follow the instructions given by your web browser or RSS software to subscribe.


RSS subscription to all SDAHO news
Subscribing to our main feed will allow you to follow all of the news content that appears on our site:

Our events are listed separately and have their own feed:


RSS subscription by category
If you’d like to subscribe only to stories in a specific news category, you can use the RSS feed links below:


RSS subscription by tag
Most stories that appear on SDAHO’s website also carry “tags” with more specific topics, agency names and acronyms. You’ll find these tags listed at the bottom of stories, and you can also browse the most popular tags in our “tag cloud” near the bottom of the right sidebar column.

To create a custom RSS feed for any tag:

  1. Click on the tag to bring up a list of all the stories carrying that tag
  2. Look at the current URL in your browser’s web address window
    Medicaid expansion tag example
  3. In the web address window, add “feed/” following the slash mark to bring up the custom feed
    Medicaid Expansion feed example
  4. Use your browser or RSS feed software to subscribe to the tag feed