SDAHO PAC contributions in action

Through the generous support of so many, the SDAHO PAC has raised more than $37,000 this year, making it one of the most successful campaigns in recent history. The PAC Committee has judiciously utilized these funds to achieve the greatest impact in state legislative races.

Every two years, South Dakota’s Legislature (105 legislators) is elected/re-elected to office. These legislators serve part-time in an annual session that is limited to a maximum of 40 days by the Constitution. There are 35 senators and 70 representatives.

This election includes contested general election races of 28 Senate seats and 36 House seats for a total of 64 races — that is 61 percent of the total. Uncontested races include 15 seats in the state Senate seats and nine seats in the House of Representative for a total of 24 races — that is 23 percent of the total. This year, the PAC committee made the decision to only support contested races.

Presently, the SDAHO PAC has contributed a total of $23,300. These donations went to “targeted” state legislative races for candidates who advanced the associations mission and supported declared positions on important issues such as the expansion of Medicaid. Moreover, the committee utilized a “Legislative Tracking Tool” which outlined how individual legislators voted on “key” bills that were supported/opposed by the Council on Public Policy.

Please click here to view the list of candidates that SDAHO PAC has supported in the 2016 election cycle.

You can find your legislative district by logging on to the Secretary of State’s website.