The online 2016 American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey is now open for data submission.

Packets (see letter) were mailed to hospital administrators in March by the South Dakota Office of Rural Health (SD ORH) and the Office of Health Statistics (SD OHS). Each facility can complete the survey electronically here.

OHS is asking hospitals to complete the survey by June 1.

Hospital data is to be reported for a full 12-month period – the complete 2016 fiscal year (365 days). Hospitals need to be consistent in using the same reporting period for responses throughout the various sections of this survey.

Hospitals are asked to complete the AHA Annual Survey:

  • The utilization and financial information, is used in SDCL 34-12E-11, 11.1, 12 and 13 (South Dakota Price Point Legislation) and the administrative rules employing the reporting requirement
  • Determine which CAHs received Medicare Enhanced Reimbursement from the Department of Social Services (SD DSS)
  • Monitor trends, and financial for use in Federal grant applications
  • The survey focuses on community orientation, network involvement and other information uniquely important to telling the health care story

Questions regarding the 2016 AHA Annual Survey can be directed to Gil Johnson at SDAHO, Kenny Doppenberg at SD ORH or Michelle Hoffman at SD OHS.