MedPAC proposes replacing MIPS with new program

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) is recommending to replace the current Merit-Based Incentive Program (MIPS) with a new Voluntary Value Program (VVP) citing concerns that MIPS is burdensome, inequitable and will not improve care for beneficiaries. The recommendation came about following the MedPAC public meeting held in December where it was also noted that the change is needed to move the program and clinicians towards high-value care. It was reported that MIPS has placed a $1 million burden on health care providers.

The proposed alternative, VVP would use a uniform set of population-based measures in the categories of quality, patient experience and cost or value. The measures would assess care across time and delivery systems and align with other Medicare value-based purchasing programs and advanced alternative payment models.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has voiced concerns about the VVP including that the program is called “voluntary”, however non-participation results in a loss in reimbursement of two percent. In addition, there is concern that providers may be assigned to “unfamiliar” groups which causes providers who have never met to be dependent on the whole group’s performance or composite score for payment. The VVP would be funded by a “withhold” applied to all participating clinicians.

MedPAC’s next public meeting will be held Jan. 11-12. The proposed VVP recommendation is anticipated to be reviewed/considered for possible recommendation to Congress.

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