Exploring the “value” of membership; a strategic priority

President's PerspectiveIn today’s changing health care environment, challenges and opportunities abound: exploring innovative ways to improve access, safety, quality of care, addressing workforce issues, complying with regulations and advancing healthy communities initiatives. The SDAHO Board of Trustees has established “Value of Membership” as a strategic priority and appointed a Select Committee to explore opportunities to better understand, measure and advance our overall understanding of the value of membership.

The Select Committee, chaired by Bryan Breitling, Administrator, Avera Hand County Memorial Hospital, will consist of 11 members who will research and explore a number of areas/questions: Which services have the highest priority and value? Are there collaboration opportunities that would enhance efficiency and value? Which services have lesser value?  How do we measure and report the ongoing value of membership? In addition, the committee will research how current services compare to other associations and if any services are obsolete or redundant.

As the Select Committee begins their work, they will learn from Maryjane Wurth, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AHA. Wurth, a former state hospital executive from New York and Illinois, will share insights and perspectives of the changing health care environment and the AHA initiative, Redesigning the “A” (Association). The Select Committee will hold its first meeting later this month and will share regular updates and a summary report with recommendations when they complete their work in September.