Congress works to complete omnibus legislation by March deadline

Congress continues to work this week to complete funding legislation for defense and non-defense (domestic) spending for the next two years. The spending bills need to be passed into law by March 23. The appropriations will become part of an omnibus bill that is not expected to include significant health care provisions.

In addition, the 340B drug pricing program remains in the spotlight on Capitol Hill. We continue to share the devastating effects of the nearly 30 percent payment reduction to providers. In an effort to expand the understanding and impact on local communities, the American Hospital Association (AHA) released a study last week that revealed tax-exempt hospitals provided nearly $52 billion in total community benefits in 2015. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension (HELP) is also considering holding a 340B hearing possibly within the next few weeks. Watch for additional information to be shared as it becomes available.