Wanted: promising practices on how to address post-acute care workforce challenges

The LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions is collecting stories on promising practices which have been implemented in long term care facilities and could be replicated in other areas to address the workforce crisis.

South Dakota has many examples of how long term care providers work with communities and local colleges to staff facilities and create a career path for students. These are great stories to share with others. Facilities with innovative strategies to educate and attract qualified people in post-acute care can go to this link to submit and share their promising practice.

Turnover is expensive and there is a growing need for workers trained in geriatrics. To calculate the cost of turnover, use this calculator. Helpful background information to use when figuring turnover costs includes:

  • Rule of thumb: the cost of replacing any employee is 25 percent of the salary amount.
  • Average turnover for home care agencies is between 40-60 percent.
  • Average turnover in nursing home for certified nursing assistants is between 40-70 percent.
  • Minimum direct cost of replacing a direct care workers is $2,500.
  • Indirect costs are individual to each organization, but include advertising, training, temporary help, lost productivity, etc.
  • Example: An organization that averages 40 terminations per year is spending at least $100,000 (40 x $2,500= $100,000).