Mental health services draft legislation now available

The Access to Mental Health Task Force met Dec 3 and discussed three pieces of draft legislation. The drafts were uploaded to the South Dakota legislative website late last week. There will be changes made as the legislation is in draft format and was used for discussion purposes only during the meeting. Changes were discussed during the meeting and the bills have not yet been pre-filed.


The three drafts include:

DRAFT:  Senate – Concurrent Resolution – Legislative Task Forces on Mental Health Services

The total estimated cost of funding the five recommended teams with five meetings during 2019 is about $96,000.

DRAFT:  House Bill – Statewide Resource Information System

The cost of providing 211 services to all areas of the state will require sustainable funding of $800,000 the first year with a 1 percent increase in each subsequent year.

DRAFT:  House Bill – Emergency Involuntary Commitments

View all documents submitted to the task force.