Sustainable Improvements to the Continuum of Mental Health Services

With the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, the work of the 2018 Access to Mental Health Services Study continues by creating five task forces to address specific mental health service issues.

  • Task Force #1: Redefine acute mental health hospitalizations. Chair: Rep. Michael Diedrich, Vice Chair: Sen. Kris Langer, Rep: Timothy Johns, Sen: Craig Kennedy
  • Task Force #2: How to reduce overall use of acute mental health hospitalizations. Chair: Sen. Alan Solano, Vice Chair: Rep. Erin Healy, Sen: Margret Sutton, Rep: Steven Haugaard
  • Task Force #3: Effectively leverage telehealth and telemedicine services. Chair: Sen. Deb Soholt, Vice Chair: Rep. Herman Otten, Sen: Jim Stalzer, Rep: Linda Duba
  • Task Force #4: Redefine nursing home criteria for persons with organic brain damage. Chair: Rep. Jean Hunhoff, Vice Chair: Rep. Rebecca Reimer, Senators: Rocky Blare,Susan Wismer
  • Task Force #5: Charged with studying community services and caregiver supports. Chair: Rep. Tim Reed, Vice Chair: Sen. Wayne Steinhauer, Rep: Carl Perry, Sen: Red Dawn Foster

Full committee and task force memberships can be viewed on 2019 Interim Page along with along with agendas, minutes, and other meeting documents.