Nurse Staffing Task Force Project ECHO – Webinar Series

Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the nurse staffing crisis threatens the health and well-being of patients, our nation’s nurses, and the entire health care system. The healthcare staffing shortage statistics are alarming, and many ask, “is there a nursing shortage?” The answer is yes, and it has led to a need for immediate and effective solutions.

Driven to build upon the recommendations of the Nurse Staffing Think Tank, the Nurse Staffing Task Force was formed to develop evidence-based, nursing-led solutions addressing the root causes of the staffing crisis, including the shortage of nursing staff.

The Nurse Staffing Task Force developed recommendations to support appropriate staffing across acute and critical care practice settings. These recommendations seek to support the nursing workforce through long-term sustainable change. They also support and sustain a healthy work environment through guidelines for appropriate staffing that correlates with nurse satisfaction, quality of care, and patient safety outcomes. The recommendations are part of a comprehensive approach on how to fix staffing shortages in healthcare.

There is the firm belief that regulation alone will not solve the nurse staffing crisis. However, a fail-safe mechanism is established when efforts are supported by proper and effective rule-making that allow nurses and nurse leaders to succeed in coming together to the table where key discussions are being held. In doing so, nurses and nurse leaders retain their ability to lead and innovate solutions to address the nurse staffing crisis.

The Nurse Staffing Task Force Project ECHO Series, is a free, five-part interactive webinar series, 1.5 CNE credits per session, with strategies to address the current staffing crisis. Each stand-alone session features a brief presentation from a subject matter expert followed by an interactive, small group discussion. Participants will leave with key recommendations and actions that all nurses can promote and advocate for in the workplace.

Save the dates – join one or join all!  All sessions begin at 2pm CST/1pm MST.

  • September 14 – Creating a Healthy & Supportive Nurse Work Environment: Key Steps
  • September 21 – Transforming Cost into Value: Recognizing Nurses’ Unique Contribution
  • September 28 – Innovative Care Delivery in Nursing: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare
  • October 5 – Maximizing Nursing Efficiency: The Future of Regulatory Innovation
  • October 19 – Achieving Excellence in Healthcare: Nurse Staffing Standards

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