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4 sessions packed into one day!

Senior Living From the Road: A 22,000-Mile Journey of Joy Jack York, Co-Founder, It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L)

It’s easy to look at senior living from a 30,000-foot perspective. Vendors, operators, policy makers, and the public at large can understandably get caught up in the macro issues that drive the “business” of senior living. But what about the street-level perspective? This session will walk attendees through a 22,000-mile journey throughout the U.S. to simply say “thank you” to senior living communities. What started as a journey of gratitude evolved into a series of life-changing conversations and relationships with the residents and staff of our senior living communities. Stories of hope, determination, faith, inspiration, romance, and possibility were shared by the greatest generation and the care professionals who lovingly serve them. The perspectives learned from these conversations provide insight on care delivery, improving relationships, and how we view aging. Most people pursue a career in senior living because of the personal joy felt interacting with the greatest generation. This session will remind you why you got into the field in the first place. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Normal vs. Not Normal Aging Shelly Edwards, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® to Care

Shelly will help participants understand and recognize the differences in “normal” and “not normal” aging. Participants will develop better observational skills to recognize and intervene effectively when behavioral challenges occur. She will discuss how to develop new skills related to approach, cueing, and the ability to connect with people affected by dementia. This session will emphasize the value of matching helping behaviors to the person’s needs and retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self-direction.

Seeing Challenging Behaviors as Unmet Needs Shelly Edwards, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® to Care

This session is designed to help care partners better understand why the person they are trying to help may at times exhibit ‘challenging behaviors.’ It will focus on looking beyond the disease to recognize other possible factors that may be causing or contributing to the challenges. This session will also help participants develop better communication skills when working with people living with dementia by emphasizing the value of empathetic and supportive communication. The overall goal of the session is to reduce or minimize unproductive conversations and resistive behaviors by using effective verbal and physical skills.

Using Six Pieces of the Puzzle and Teepa Snow’s GEMS™ Shelly Edwards, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® to Care

In this session participants will be introduced to the ‘Six Pieces of the Puzzle’ that is used to help determine what contributing factors may be involved in learning and knowing more about the person in order to create effective care plans. This problem-solving approach will be presented to help participants reduce the intensity, frequency, or occurrence of challenges. We will also introduce Teepa Snow’s GEMS™ dementia classification model to guide communication and effective engagement tools to better connect with the person living with dementia. The overall goal of the session is to reduce or minimize unproductive conversations and resistive behaviors by using effective verbal and physical skills.


Shelly Edwards
Business Development Coordinator Positive Approach® to Care (PAC), PAC Certified Trainer, Consultant, and Presenter, Shelly Edwards is an accomplished professional trainer and educator. She joined Teepa Snow’s PAC team in 2018, after 4 years as a certified PAC Trainer. She has been a trainer of adults for more than 30 years, specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia training since 2007, training professional caregivers, first responders and families alike. She has also been a trainer for Oregon Care Partners since its inception in 2014 providing classes about dementia, challenging behaviors, and communication skills for care partners of all types (including the developmental disabilities community). She relocated to the NW in November 2013 (after living all over the US). She holds a BA in History from Mount Union College and a Masters of Library Science from Kent State University.

Jack York
Jack York is co-founder of It’s Never 2 Late (iN@L), a company dedicated to helping older adults realize the full benefits of adaptive technology. Originally, Jack did not envision iN2L as a business; the impetus for what became the company was a philanthropic idea – to donate computers to assisted living communities and nursing homes in Southern California. With a 15-year background in the Silicon Valley, he saw a vast potential in fostering these connections, but also saw that conventional technology was too difficult for virtually all residents to use in a meaningful way. As a result, in 1999, Jack retired as VP of Strategic Sales for Vishay Intertechnology and started what has become a successful gerontechnology company. He is a sought after national and international speaker on technology being used to create personalized experiences that engage and connect residents to their loved ones and the world specifically individuals with dementia.


Registration for this webinar is per connection needed at a facility. This allows multiple staff members to participate in the education using one connection. Prior registration is required to ensure connection information and applicable materials are distributed prior to the webinar. The registration fee for this webinar is $200 per SDAHO Member facility /$300 per non-member facility.



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