Governor Daugaard speaks at All District Meeting

Gov. Dennis Daugaard was the featured speaker at the annual All District meeting held Tuesday in Pierre. While the snowy weather and challenging road conditions hampered travel, attendees were briefed on state and federal issues and updated on the association’s strategic plan priorities.

The governor discussed the state’s efforts to implement the 100 percent FMAP policy, as well as the potential positive financial benefit. He outlined his plans to direct state spending on targeted Medicaid programs and provider reimbursement rates.

The state estimates this year, with the signing of the Coordinated Care agreements, it should receive approximately $5 million from the federal policy. The governor added that as the program grows, a larger portion of the current $96 million that the state spends would be available to enhance Medicaid reimbursements for providers who participate in delivering care for eligible Native American Medicaid enrollees. Dual eligibles are those who are enrolled in Medicaid and are also able to receive care from Indian Health Services. In addition, he outlined his proposal for a Medicaid waiver “pilot” work requirement program in Minnnehaha and Pennington Counties.

The governor expressed appreciation to SDAHO and its members for their collaboration on a number of health care initiatives over the past few years, including contributions to the Health Care Solutions Coalition. In responding to questions regarding low Medicaid reimbursement rates, particularly for nursing homes, the governor shared that nursing homes are a valuable part of the health care continuum and their communities and could benefit from additional community focus and support.

SDAHO expressed gracious appreciation for the strong vision and leadership that the governor has provided on behalf of our membership.

Gov. Daugaard is in his final term and completing his 22nd legislative session. Prior to serving as the governor, he served as lieutenant governor and a state senator.