As health care providers in South Dakota and across the nation know all too well, the field of health care is undergoing transformational change!

President's PerspectiveMany experts believe that health care has arrived at a pivotal moment… one that requires focused attention and engagement of thought leaders. The movement toward “consumerism” and new multigenerational population-based models of care is gaining momentum. More and more, delivering “value-based” care will be a primary focus of reimbursement methodologies, shifting away from fee-for-service payment systems.

Recently, national policy leaders Alex Azar, Secretary, Department of Health & Human Service, and Seema Verma, Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, shared their vision for the future of health care during presentations at the American Hospital Association Annual Meeting.

The messages they shared have parallel meaning related to the changing models of care that are focused on value-based outcomes. To achieve sustainable quality outcomes, providers are changing their care delivery methods and forming new partnerships. Click here to review Azar’s presentation and here for Verma’s presentation.

Azar identified four key areas of focus for delivering value: 1) Maximizing the promise of health information technology; 2) Improving transparency in price and quality; 3) Pioneering bold new models in Medicare and Medicaid; and 4) Removing government burdens that impede coordination.

In the coming weeks and months, the focus will be on taking a deeper dive into these areas to assist members in gaining a better understanding of what others are doing to meet the tremendous challenges that are present today.