Invest in your Physicians to Reduce the Burnout Epidemic

The physician burnout epidemic is real. Burnout is a long-term stress reaction marked by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and the lack of sense of personal accomplishment. In Medscape’s 2019 report​, 44% of physicians reported feeling burned out; 11% were colloquially depressed and 4% were clinically depressed.

To help combat the burnout epidemic, The American Hospital Association Physician Alliance​ has developed a Physician Leadership Experience course to help guide physicians through the creation of a new way to lead in their lives and careers. 

Physicians have two opportunities to participate in this course. Visit to reserve your spot. 

The AHA Physician Alliance has also released a new well-being​ playbook for hospital and health system leaders. The book contains seven key steps for success and provides real-world case examples of successful interventions deployed in various health system settings to illustrate the steps​. 

Stay tuned to the SDAHO’s website for more resources and support for physician and administrative leaders.